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10 Tips For The Perfect Holiday Card

Each year at the same time, everyone in your household gets a little anxious knowing the dreaded holiday photo is coming up. You say, “Cheese!” and they stare at you blank faced from their spot on the sofa. But why not change it up this year and turn it into something fun?

As a professional photographer, I have taken countless pictures specifically for people’s holiday cards and with a few tips, you too can take photos that are picture perfect while at the same time making it an anticipated tradition.


DSLR or Mirrorless Camera - Which Is Best For You?

We’re often asked if mirrorless cameras (sometimes referred to as ILC- Interchangeable Lens Cameras) are as good as DSLR cameras. The answer of course depends on which mirrorless and which DSLR. A better question might be which is best for you and the answer to that depends on what you photograph and how you need your camera to perform for you.

Lets take a closer look at some important considerations when deciding between a mirrorless or DSLR camera.


What It Takes To Be A Wedding Photographer

You find yourself on a beautiful day at a wedding for your favorite niece and one of the first things you notice when you arrive is the team of wedding photographers covering in the event. Dressed all in black and handling some expensive gear, you think to yourself, “maybe this is a job I can do.” It seems like an easy enough gig- one day of work, everyone is happy and smiling and you are making good money. So why not give it a try?

Like any profession, there are pros and cons. It’s a rewarding yet difficult job and not everyone is cut out for it  so before you jump in, consider what it takes.


10 Tips For Moms With Cameras

Photographing your own children can be a daunting task. They are seldom cooperative at any age and learning which camera settings to use offers even more of a challenge. How does one navigate these waters and arrive on the other side with images that capture their personality and those every day moments that will be gone before you know it?

Here are 10 tips to help any parent take better images of your children regardless of their age or the type of camera.


The Language of Seeing… by Bryan F. Peterson

Your camera and lens(es) are a foreign country and speak a language all their own. Until you are willing to learn the language your lenses speak, fluently I might add, your attempts at picture making will require constant translation. The road to speaking and seeing fluently is made much shorter when you put the language of your lenses to work, week in and week out. Here’s how…


Planning A Personal Project

Sometimes as photographers we loose momentum or find ourselves in a rut lacking creativity or motivation, or worse, both.

Other times, we need to commit to practice a particular skill but lack the discipline to do so letting other things in our lives take precedent.

These are the best times to start a personal project. You’ll find it will improve your photography, and might help you move past your comfort zone or broaden your skills so why not plan yours now and get started.


Helpful Hints for Capturing Fireworks!

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Photographing fireworks can be great fun.  Since the biggest and best displays come around once a year on Independence Day, make the most of the opportunity by following these helpful hints!


Apps to Help Plan Your Photo Shoots

Today’s photographers have access to an incredible amount of information by way of Apps making it easier to be in the right place at the right time to capture the best light.

There’s a world of apps out there but here are some of our favorites that help us plan. Give them a look and see which work for what and how you like to shoot.


10 Tips For Perfect Panning

Panning is a fun way to imply speed and movement and give a totally different look to an otherwise plain and ordinary scene. As your subject moves across an area, you follow it with your camera using a slow, steady, sweeping motion and fire a shot (or several) to capture them against a blurred background.

Enjoy these 10 tips to perfect your panning.


What Is Street Photography?

Researching an article on Street Photography I came across this article by Eric Kim. It’s an enjoyable read and brings up some interesting points about the topic.

Since Eric shares this as an “Open Source” and encourages sharing as a way to educate, I decided to share it with you and hope you find his take on the matter insightful.


Controlling Backgrounds In Macro Photography

As with most forms of photography, macro imagery benefits from having a strong main subject; a subject that stands out and keeps the attention of the viewer. One approach to strengthening your main subject is by ensuring that you background does not compete with it. A few techniques can help you better control and subdue your backgrounds.


Tips for Flower and Garden Photography

This winter was cold and snowy and lasted far too long but it’s Spring now and we have months of warm weather and colorful flowers ahead of us. We can hardly wait for the first tulip to bloom or the rose bushes to hang heavy with flowers. The season is just beginning, so here are some tips to help you enjoy many months filled with beautiful flower and garden photographs!


Tips For Choosing A Tripod

Choosing the right tripod might seem overwhelming when faced with so many options but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s look at some important features to consider when shopping for yours.

Before going any further, I’ll share a quote I heard somewhere along the way.  “GOOD TRIPODS AREN’T CHEAP AND CHEAP TRIPODS AREN’T GOOD.”


Use Winter To Prepare For Spring

We can’t wait for spring but with a few more weeks of winter to get through why not look at ways to improve our photos now so when the season is here we’ll have those tools to work with. Think of the areas that could use some improvement and whether it’s Lighting, Post Processing, Composition or Shooting, we’ve got you covered with classes that will help.