Notes from Nature Visions iPhone Photography - Get Inspired Presentation

Thanks to all who attended Marie Joabar’s iPhone Photograrphy - Get Inspired presentations at Nature Visions. As promised, here are the notes from it.


• Camera + by Tap Tap
• Bracket Mode by Cogitap Software (Use Pro HDR to process these images)
• Slow Shutter Cam by Cogitap Software

• Snapseed by Nik Software (free)
• Pro HDR by eyeApps LLC (use to process Bracket Mode Apps)
• Artista Oil by JixiPix Software

• Crop n Frame by Fresh Air Fun - Cropping, matting, framing and text options
• Phonto by Youth HR – Add text to your photos
• Photo Size by Danny Goodman - Tells you the file size (resolution)
• Diptic by Peak Systems - For collages

iP 4 - 2592 X 1936
iP 5 - 3264 x 2448
iP 6 - 3264 x 2448

Ollo Clip - Wide angle and telephoto lens attachments
Mophie Juice Pack – longer battery life
Pogo Sketch Pen – Helpful for more precise editing
Tripod – Joby Gorilla pods


1. Battery saving practices – Close running programs, double tap Home button to show running apps then close by swiping up on them.

2. Organize apps into a folder – Press and hold on an icon until icons shake, then drag over another icon to create a folder.  Once folder is made, drag icons over it and they’ll land inside the folder.

3. Viewing photos on iPhone -  Option of Photos or Albums (Camera Roll is in Albums)
      Making Albums – Be in Albums -> hit (+) plus button -> name it->  Then in camera roll or other albums, hit SELECT, select photos to add to album, Add To, then pick album.
      Can delete images from the Album but they’ll still be in Camera Roll. If you delete in Camera Roll, images will also be deleted from Album.
      Can be viewed by -> Year ->  Collection ->  Moments

4. Settings - PRIVACY – Photos ->Allow Apps access or won’t be able to use them. You’re prompted for this when you use an App for the first time. If you don’t say yes here, go to Privacy settings and allow.

5. Options to Download iPhone photos to computer or iPad
* Use Photo Sync by touchbyte GmbH instead of Photo Stream, Photo Stream reduces file size.
  Just say NO to Photo Stream - In Settings -> Photos & Camera,  turn off Photo Stream.
* Use Lightroom.  Mac Users - If using Lightroom, you may want to turn off iPhoto
* Use iTunes.
* On PC, Plug in device - Open Windows Live Photo Gallery – in the Home tab – hit Import- Use “More Options” button to further refine import.

6. Using Apps – Learn a few then add more, the possibilities are endless.
* When purchasing, make sure they are compatible with your device. Check the Developer write ups. 
* If buying Apps for iPad and iPhone, you’ll have to buy both and pay 2ce.
* Check and download updates – look at the Apps icon for red number indicating updates
* To find an App that gets deleted or lost, use the Search function on phone or re-download from the App store. 


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