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September 22, 2018: Birds of Prey and Wildlife Critters Field Shoot

Time: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Fee: $104

Category: In the Field Shooting
Spaces left: 9

Join us and enjoy the opportunity to photograph raptors, amphibians and wildlife animals that might include a turtle, a snake, an owl, a hawk, a skunk, a bat and possibly an artic fox. Although these are all wild creatures, they are not able to be returned to nature, instead they are cared for by the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center.

These beautiful creatures are amazing to watch let alone photograph. We'll be in a wooded setting and will have the opportunity to photograph each of them. The raptors will be tethered on a natural perch while the other critters will be held by the handler or on a leash on the ground.

Location: Huntley Meadows Park in Alexandria

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