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September 29, 2018: Photographic Storytelling – Featuring a 1920s Lawn Party

Time: 2:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Fee: $89
Instructor: Aaron Clamage
Category: In the Field Shooting
Spaces left: SOLD OUT!

Capturing that perfect moment can give great satisfaction to any photographer.  But, to tell a complete story with a series of images requires you to think more broadly, to assemble the pieces and paint the scene. 

To tell a story, you need to see the story.  How do you find the drama, the excitement, the humor?  Who are the main characters?  Join us at Dardanella’s "The Great Gatsby Lawn Party" and we’ll explore how to find your point of view, how to chose which elements to cover, and how to photograph them. 

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