2017, May 20: Horses in the Country

In the spirit of Preakness, let’s go out to the country and enjoy horses in a rustic barn setting. Maryland is one of the top states for the horse industry and brings in over $1 billion in revenue. Naming the Thoroughbred as the state horse, horses are an integral part of Maryland.

We will visit a large and long established horse barn with a variety of horses, ranging from big to small. Frolicking in the paddocks on a spring morning the horses and their gentle strength will bring character and personality to your images. The facility offers several rustic barn scenes, perfect for capturing farm life in the country.

As a special treat and for something out of the ordinary, we will have two western riders join us. They'll be in full Western gear and will ride around on horseback for the group to photograph.

Photographing any pet or large animal is challenging as they are in constant motion. We’ll learn what camera settings to use to freeze their movement and then to selectively show motion. We will then get up close and personal with the horses to create compelling images of these magnificent beasts.

Entering in the barn area we’ll work with mixed lighting conditions which will help us learn how to manage low light situations with our cameras.

Topics included:

  • Camera settings for pet and animal photography
  • How to work with a variety of light sources and understanding metering.
  • Apply the selection of apertures and ISO settings to maximize composition and exposure.
  • Developing an eye for creative compositions from broad views to small details in the scene.

While any camera is appropriate for this class, a DSLR or mirrorless camera and lenses with a range from 24-200mm will be beneficial. It is recommended to bring your camera manual, extra battery and memory card. 

Class limit: 8

What People Are Saying About Emily
“I had a great time at the class learning to photograph eagles.  Emily was the consummate professional instructor with just the right touch of technical, hands-on and encouragement. Her pleasant and relaxed manner made everyone there at ease and eager to get some great shots and spend more time in the future birding.” 

"Thoroughly enjoyed the class, Emily is a wonderful instructor and I learned a lot! I really appreciate her taking the time working with me on lighting and composition even though I had a smaller compact camera. I'll look forward to taking other classes she teaches!"

"Emily was terrific.  She gave explicit details re: camera settings, light, composition, and point of view.  She was very patient and gave individual attention.  I appreciated the opportunity to learn from her."

Instructor: Emily Carter Mitchell

Emily Carter Mitchell is an outdoor photography enthusiast well known for her bird, nature and wildlife photography. With over 20 years in the travel and hospitality industry, the sense of adventure and discovering lesser known destinations continue to inspire Emily’s photographic endeavors.

As a gifted photographer and avid birder in the DELMARVA area, time and patience has given her the insight in understanding the behaviors and characteristics of the avian world. Capturing a moment that expresses personality and a sense of humanity within the natural world brings one closer to nature.

Emily is a published photojournalist and her work can be seen in the Bay Weekly, on numerous book covers and smart device apps. Her blog, Hoof Beats and Foot Prints blog  is internationally recognized and showcases her beautiful images and insights on nature.

Emily teaches the birding, wildlife and the Adventures On The Trails classes for Capital Photography Center.