2017, February 23: College Sports - Basketball at George Washington Univ.

Join Pro Sports Photographer Mitchell Layton and enjoy shooting the George Washington University Men's basketball team as they take on Massachusetts. Capture the action shooting under the basket!

Mitchell lays the groundwork for shooting basketball with only available lighting. He’ll help you set your camera to the most effective settings and will offer his advice on the following:

  • Exposure settings 
  • White Balance & lighting
  • What makes a great shot  
  • Looking at the moment

Price of the class covers entry to the game but does not cover parking or food.

Recommended Equipment:

  • A monopod is recommended if you are using a long lens of 300mm or more. Do not bring a tripod.
  • A telephoto lens with focal range of 80 to 200mm, a 300mm lens can work but the action is pretty close for this range.
  • Wide angle lenses in the range of 18 to 50mm will be useful for full court shots.
  • Consider renting lenses, we recommend F8 Rentals http://f8rentals.com.
  • Bring plenty of memory cards and an extra battery.

Note - Game time is at 7:00pm but we start at the class at 6:00pm.

Questions about this class can be directed to Marie Joabar at info@capitalphotographycenter.com

Class Limit: 4

What People Are Saying

“I had such a great time – I’m not sure what more you or Mitchell could have done to make it better.  I had high expectations and you exceeded them!”

“I had an absolute blast and learned so much!  Having someone of Mitchell's stature take the time to teach and talk with us is just phenomenal.  I am so excited to continue practicing the techniques and skills he taught and can not wait to learn more… The class size was just right too!  Great one on one opportunities!”

Instructor: Mitchell Layton

​Long standing relationships with the Washington Nationals, George Washington University, American University, Georgetown University and the Verizon Center have established Mitchell as the area’s leading sports photographer.  

In addition to his work with local sports teams, Mitchell has had the opportunity to cover three Olympic games, as well as every major sporting event in the United States including, but not limited to Super Bowls, Stanley Cup Finals, NCAA Championships and World Series.  His work appears regularly on sports web sites that include Sports Illustrated.com, ESPN.com, Yahoo.com and Fox.com, as well as in many print publications that are read worldwide. His photographs have appeared in Sports Illustrated, ESPN: The Magazine, USA Today, Time, Newsweek and National Geographic.

In recent years, his work has been a part of an exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery that documented the changing neighborhood around the then, newly built, Verizon Center.   Having been part of the Washington D.C. and Baltimore sports world for over 35 years, Mitchell has distinguished himself as a well established and well respected photographer known for his creativity, reliability and long term dedication to service. More of his work can be viewed on his website, www.mitchelllayton.com. His photos are represented by Getty Images and can also be viewed on their website.