2017, November 5: DSLR Photography Basics

Appropriate for DLSRs and Mirrorless cameras with manual exposure settings.

Today’s cameras offer the photographer a wealth of tools that can lead to beautiful photographs. Capturing the perfect portrait of a loved one, a fleeting moment leading to the winning goal, or a stunning travel photo takes practice and know-how.

Learn how YOU, not the camera, can control the final image by choosing the appropriate setting for the look you want. Understanding how your camera makes an exposure will help you decide which settings to use to freeze or blur motion and control the depth of field to capture the image you want.

This class is designed for those who want to learn more about photography basics and exposure settings.

Topics Include:

  • Camera Controls - Learn the most important features and menu settings.
  • Resolution & Compression
  • Manual Shooting Modes
  • ISO Settings
  • Shutter Speeds - Control motion to add emphasis.
  • Depth of Field - How the aperture affects what is in focus.
  • Focus Settings
  • White Balance
  • Lenses - The options.
  • Composition - What makes an interesting photograph.

Participants are encouraged to bring their camera.  As Greg discusses camera features or menu settings, you can follow along and learn how to set them.  An extra battery, memory card, and your instruction manual are also very helpful to have on hand at the class.

People who like this class might also enjoy the In-the-Field-Shooting classes, especially the FIELDWORK classes, as a way to reinforce the material covered in the classroom. 

This class is offered on other dates and locations. This LINK will filter the classes so you can see them more easily. 

Class Limit: 12

What People Are Saying About Greg…

“I really liked Greg’s style- he’s very engaging and very easy to approach with questions.”

“Thought the class was very well presented. The lecture portion was good but the hands-on shooting session and working with images in post processing were the best parts.” 

"I had an OUTSTANDING experience at the Intro to DSLR class taught by Greg. Within 20 minutes into the class, we were already testing out new knowledge and I was immediately amazed!”

Instructor: Greg Holden

Greg Holden’s photography focuses on showing unexpected views of common scenes.  Whether he is photographing out in nature or exploring rusty and abandoned places, he enjoys looking for tiny scenes or details that he can abstract from larger views to create unique images.

Greg has a passion for teaching and sharing his love of photography with others. He is able to convey the technical aspects of cameras and photography in an easy way for beginners to understand while at the same time helping them capture compelling images.

You can see more of Greg’s diverse work on his website, www.imagesunderfoot.com