2017, October 1: External Flash Made Easy - For Canon Users

Learn how to get the most out of your Canon external flash unit.

While modern DSLR cameras all feature excellent low light performance, even the beginning photographer should consider adding an external speedlite (flash unit) to his or her arsenal of basic photographic tools.  Adding a flash can open new opportunities for better and different pictures.  

This class will explore how the Canon flash system works with the different modes and controls of the camera and also explain the differences between modern ETTL exposure and traditional manual flash.

We will cover how to set and position your flash and whether to use it directly or indirectly. We will also introduce you to simple light modifiers.

In order to best accomplish this, we will use a combination of instructor examples and hands-on demonstrations.  This will allow each student to try many different situations for themselves.

Recommended equipment:
    •    Canon DSLR camera
    •    Any lens covering a wide to telephoto range.
    •    An external speedlite compatible with the Canon ETTL system (a Canon EX series speedlite is preferred).
    •    A memory card
    •    An extra camera battery and extras batteries for your flash may come in handy.

Participants of this class are offered a $15 discount for attending the Advanced External Flash class offered on Oct 14. Information about how to get the discount is in the confirmation letter.

Class Limit:  10

Instructor: Mike Sheras

Michael Sheras was a Senior Professional Markets Rep. for Canon USA (based in Washington DC) since the introduction of the EOS camera system in 1987. After 28 years with Canon, he recently retired and is currently pursuing his own personal work, which includes photographing events professionally, lecturing to various local camera related groups and doing shows and events on a freelance basis for Canon USA.

Michael grew up in Chicago and, after attending the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois Law School, he decided to pursue a career in photography rather than the law and moved to Los Angeles. There he ran his own studio in Santa Monica and worked with several other camera companies as a trainer and professional marketing rep. He was also an Editor of Petersen’s PhotoGrapic magazine and during that period he started his love affair with Yosemite National Park.

“The best thing I ever did in my photographic career, ”Michael said, “was to become a student and workshop assistant for the great photographer, Ansel Adams. Ansel taught me a love of the landscape and the craft of landscape photography.”

He has worked as a member of Canon Professional Services serving the needs of the professional photographic community (and as a photographer) at 13 political conventions, 7 Presidential Inaugurations, 5 Superbowls, 2 baseball World Series, 2 baseball all star games, the 1996 Summer Olympics, the 2002 Winter Olympics, the 1994 and 1998 World Cup Soccer finals, US Open Golf, US Open Tennis, and auto races in the Indy Car, Rolex, Tudor, NASCAR and Formula One racing series in both the United States and Canada.

He has taught many courses and workshops during his career and continues to do so currently. He is one of the founders of the Look 3 Photographic Festival in Charlottesville, VA.