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Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure Photography

Join Marie Joabar on the Tidal Basin and other key spots on the National Mall for a fun morning learning techniques for capturing long exposures. We'll smooth out water, blur the clouds, slow the water in fountains, practice panning, and capture some creative, abstract shots by moving the camera while exposing.

Long Exposure Photography is all about using a slow shutter speed. Since the shutter speed controls motion, we can slow it or “drag” it to blur anything that’s moving while keeping stationary subjects sharp. We can also use it for playful, creative and dramatic imagery.

We'll find plenty of opportunities and students will learn;
- How to blur moving subjects such as people walking or running, waterfalls and fountains
- How to smooth clouds 
- Panning techniques
- Camera movement for a creative and abstract look

Exposure settings for long exposure will be covered for each of the techniques

Other topics include filters to help avoid overexposure. 
- Circular Polarizers 
- Neutral Density Filters
- A Graduated or Split Neutral Density Filter

We begin at the Tidal Basin near the FDR Memorial and then head to the WWII Memorial fountains and if time, we'll end at the Lincoln Memorial. Wear comfortable shoes.

Recommended Gear:
- A DSLR or Mirrorless camera with the Manual exposure mode will work best for this type of photography.  If you're using Aperture mode we can experiment with the settings to see if that mode will work (based on your camera) If not, you will learn how to work in the manual mode for this type of shooting.
- Lenses in the range of 18mm-105mm will work well. 
- A strong, sturdy tripod with cable release or remote control trigger is a must.   
- A cIrcular polarizer and a neutral density filter. Specific Information about filters is explained in the confirmation letter.

Note: Students should have good understanding of exposure settings and know how to independently adjust the aperture, shutter and ISO on their cameras.  

Questions can be directed to Marie Joabar at

Class limit: 7-8

What People Are Saying About Marie

“Marie is very friendly and was able to put herself in the mind of the beginner using clear and concise communication!”

“Marie clearly knows photography and comes from a technical perspective, but she has a talent for translating that technical information into understandable content and not everyone can do that! She was terrific!”

“The instructor made the class so interesting that it did not appear to be a four-hour class!”

"Marie is an excellent instructor and is well-versed in many different models of cameras, including Sonys, Nikons, Canons, and film cameras. Her expertise in photography really showed throughout the class."

"She encouraged trial and error and was great at giving feedback to individuals on their efforts as well as pointing out great shots for the class to try. She was incredibly encouraging and the class was informative and fun!"

“Marie struck the perfect balance of knowing her stuff and being non-intimidating!"

Instructor: Marie Joabar

Marie Joabar

Drawing on more than 12 years experience as the Corporate Trainer and Education Programs Manager for one of the Washington DC area’s leading camera retailers, Marie Joabar founded Capital Photography Center in January 2012.

With a talented staff of instructors and a wide variety of classes, its mission is to help those with a love of photography grow their passion and reach their goals - be it to capture better snapshots or become a professional photographer.

As an instructor herself, Marie finds just the right way to take complicated concepts and technology, and break the information down into easy-to-understand nuggets to share with others. Whether teaching photography basics or helping one better understand their camera, she works to take away one’s intimidation or sense of overwhelming that often accompanies learning new things. 

Marie is also very active in the Shenandoah Valley where she teaches photography classes for Shenandoah County and writes the Shared Exposures photography column for “The Mountain Courier.” Her photos can be found in various print and online publications for the Shenandoah County Department of Tourism and have been published in various local magazines and newspapers.

Her work can be seen on her website at

Marie teaches the following classes for Capital Photography Center:

* Photography Basics
* Fieldwork - Photography Basics
* The Lightroom Library and Develop Modules In Depth
* Long Exposure Photography
* Night photography
* And many others

Date: June 02 2024

Time: 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM




1850 West Basin Dr SW, Washington, DC 20004

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