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8 Tips For End Of Summer Photos

August 29, 2019 by Marie Joabar

It's Labor Day weekend and that means the end of our precious summertime. It's the perfect time to grab your camera and snap a few more memories. Whether your plans take you to the beach, the mountains, or a backyard barbecue, here’s hoping you’ll capture some exciting images from this last “last hoorah” weekend. 

We’d love to feature some of your “End of Summer” favorites. Just tag #capitalphotographycenterendofsummer on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll be sharing our favorites over the next few weeks by reposting or featuring them in our next newsletter. 

8 Tips for Shooting End Of Summer Memories

1.    Try shooting candid shots at your summer gathering and frame the moment as it unfolds. Posed or staged shots are fine too but the candid ones will tell a different and sometimes a more real story.

2.    Work with the light. Where is the light in relation to your subject, try shooting front lit, as well as back lit and side lit. Decide later which one you like most. Place your subject in front of a brightly lit background for a perfect silhouette. 

3.    Plan Some Shots. Nothing like being spontaneous but also try setting a goal for the type of image you want to capture, whether it’s slow motion, a beautiful portrait or a gorgeous sunrise. Planning for your shot helps you think about the settings you'll need and can be quite rewarding when your plans work well and help you capture the shot you had in mind.

4.  Nothing wrong with leaving the camera at home and using the phone camera. It can be liberating and might also help you “see” different opportunities. 

5.   If you're with non-photographers
, try rising early and photographing while they’re still sleeping. It’s a great feeling going thru the rest of the day knowing you’ve already got a solid winner. Plus, the early morning golden light is just plain beautiful, it’s more colorful and the air is clearer and more crisp. All of these factors give us more pleasing images.

6.   On sunny days use a Circular Polarizing filter to boost saturation and remove glare. It’s one of the easiest ways to get a little more punch in your photos.

7.   Photograph people enjoying themselves. Whether you’re at a festival, fair or a family gathering, including people in the photo adds another dimension to the story.

8.   Capture some food photography shots.  Having a dinner party or barbecue? Why not photograph those wine glasses against a beautiful background or that plate of burgers and dogs for some summer fun food photography.

Let’s squeeze the most out of this last weekend. Capture SUMMERTIME and savor the images well into the future! It’s really fun going through images from previous years that just scream summer.

Can’t wait to see your favorite summer memories. Remember to tag #capitalphotographycenterendofsummer so we can find and share them.