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A Year of CPC Photography

November 20, 2022 by Marie Joabar

Join us for the YEAR! Stay immersed in photography throughout the year with monthly themed topics, 4 in-person meetups, and 12 exciting presentations by various CPC instructors!

We're so excited to offer this new program and it's such a great way to stay 'focused' on your photography and grow with each of the topic presentations we'll offer.

Each month we'll have a different instructor presenting on a new topic which will include an image rich presentation covering tips, techniques, ideas and inspiration for capturing the themed topic. Unlike past Year programs which were led by a single instructor, the 2023 Year program offers students the opportunity to learn from many different instructors.  


All skill levels are welcome from the novice to the advanced. It will be interesting to see how each student thinks about the topic and chooses to capture it. That's the beauty of the program, seeing each person's interpretations of the month's topic.

Throughout the month, students can upload their images to an image sharing site and at the end of each month, students will meet with that month's instructor via Zoom for an image review. 

Topics can include:

 - The 30 Day Challenge - Jumpstart your photography with 30 days worth of photo ideas
 - Seeing Great Photos In The Urban World – Cityscapes, architecture, composition tips, and more
 - Family And Portrait Tips – from the candid to the posed
 - Capture And Edit In Black and White – Learn how to see in monochrome
 - Macro Photography From Flowers to Miniatures – Seeing details and texture up-close
 - Fun With Slow Shutter Speeds – Capture drama, excitement and creative fun with slow shutters speeds/long exposures and camera movement
 - Landscape Compositions - Framing with leading lines, curves, negative space, using odds, rule of thirds, symmetry, low key/high key, and so much more.
 - Shooting With “Abandon” – Finding beauty in old, neglected and decrepit subjects
 - Capturing Exciting And Colorful Night Scenes – From the urban streets to creatively lighting subjects in the night 
 - Shooting Exciting Fireworks – Settings, techniques, location ideas, and editing tips
 - And more! 

In addition to the monthly presentations and image reviews, we will have 4 in-person meetups throughout the year so we can come together as a group and explore exciting areas and photographic techniques. 

Zoom sessions will be held on the second Wednesday of each month from 7-8:30pm. 

Enjoy the Year of CPC Photography with a variety of CPC instructors; Marie Joabar, Corey Hilz, Michael Koren, Judy Graham, Aaron Clamage, Laura Hatcher, Beth Haubach, Roy Sewall, Lewis Katz, and others.