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Are You Ready For Autumn?

September 23, 2020 by Marie Joabar

The calendar states September 22 is the first day of fall and the cooler weather these past few days definitely confirms it.  

Gone are the hazy, humid days of summertime and it’s so much easier to enjoy photography now as we’re not bothered by pesky bugs and stifling heat. Instead, we find crisp mornings, cool breezes and the promise of a beautiful color palette to photograph.


Here are a few ideas for photographing fall.

And check out the fall themed class list below to inspire you further.

- Look at your past fall photos or at photos online now and get some ideas of the photos you would like to capture, then seek our locations that offer you that opportunity.

- Looking for fun places to get your fall shooting going? Think about pumpkin patches, farm stands and country farm markets. Even your local garden center will have displays of gourds, winter squash and of course pumpkins.

- Photographing waterfalls during autumn is extra special. Find some falls or cascades framed with colorful leaves. Consider a long exposure for a silky look to the water.

- Let’s not forget reflections. Sunlight through an orange sugar maple reflected in a still stream makes a stunning fall image. Skip the polarizer for these shots, it could remove the reflection you’re trying to capture.

- Fall gives us plenty of opportunities to capture fog. Plan some early morning trips to the forest with w nearby stream, a colorful lakeshore or riverbank. While the air is cooler than the water, we’ll find fog and perhaps even mist.

- Fall is the ideal time to think about textures; close ups of crisp leaves, intricate seedpods, leaves carpeting the forest floor, etc.

- Capture colors of the season. Not only do we find the lovely warm tones of the leaves; orange, bronze amber, etc. we’ll also find fall stand outs like purple asters, garnet colored mums, and yellow goldenrod.

- Pair opposite colors in a frame for a more compelling shot; orange leaves against a blue sky, purple asters against yellow mums.

- Nothing’s cuter than children playing in a pile of leaves! And don’t forget to capture friends, family members, and pets enjoying the season too. This is the perfect time for family portraits and shooting images specifically for sharing with others.

- Try using the Cloudy White Balance setting even on a sunny day to add a bit more warmth to a fall scene.


Join us at these classes and learn tips and techniques to capture the season with your unique vision blended in.

Oct 17:  Waterfalls of the Potomac 
Instructor Corey Hilz

Oct 24:  Fieldwork Photo Basics in Old Town Alex
Instructor Marie Joabar

Oct 25:  Texture Photography in the Gardens
Instructor Lori Lankford

Nov 1:  Autumn in Harpers Ferry
Instructor Emily Carter Mitchell

Nov 7:  Great Falls at Dawn
Instructor Roy Sewall

Nov 8: Rock Creek Park Adventure
Instructor Emily Carter Mitchell

Hoping you all enjoy a beautiful fall season!

Don't forget to share your favorites with us and maybe your shot will be selected as an entry in our Best Of Fall photo contest! 

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