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The Many Benefits to Renting Photography Gear

August 24, 2023 by Marie Joabar

Have you ever wanted to play around with a camera to make sure it feels right and gives you the settings you need before you plunk down a few week’s wages to buy it?

Wouldn’t you love to have a longer telephoto lens for birding, wildlife or sports but spending $6000-$15000 is out of the question?

Have you thought of exploring Macro photography but don’t want to buy a lens before you know if you even like it?

Do you need a tripod but use one so seldom that you can’t justify the expense of a really good one?

How about flash or lighting? Wouldn’t it be great to try out a system out before you invest.

A great alternative to buying photography gear is RENTING it and we’re happy to share some exciting news in that department, and a little incentive in the way of a discount… read on.

We have a great source for renting just about any type of gear we might want or need right here locally!  Just a few blocks from the White House is an amazing rental company called Aperturent and we encourage you to check them out. See how vast their inventory is and plan some fun shooting by renting some of their gear!

Renting gives us the opportunity to:

  • Have access to a wide variety of gear.
  • Try out different equipment before making the decision to purchase.
  • Use gear that we might not use often enough to warrant investing in.
  • Use gear to experiment with a new skill or technique to make sure we enjoy that type of photography before buying.
  • Avoid the expense of owning (and storing) lots of gear.
  • Obtain special gear that’s only needed for a given shoot.

Aperturent’s pricing is competitive.
Their website is super easy to navigate.
You can rent for 3 days, a week, or even longer.
The gear can be shipped to you directly or you can save on shipping and pick up and drop off.

I have a pretty good system but when looking at what they carry, I got really excited. I want to try a few new lenses, play with a particular camera, and explore some new lighting options. I can hardly wait!

Watch for more news about our collaboration with photo walks, contests, and more later in the year.  

Aperturent is located in the Blake Building at 1025 Connecticut Ave NW #609, Washington, DC 20036. They are easily accessible to two Metro stations and are open Mon-Fri from 9.30am - 5.30pm.