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Sunset and Milky Way Stargazing in the Shenandoah

Sunset and Milky Way Stargazing in the Shenandoah

Do you dream of taking beautiful, nightscape images with the Milky Way? Learn tips, techniques and best practicesfor Milky Way shooting with Geoff Livingston! Join us in the Shenandoah to capture amazing photos of the Milky Way and a beautiful sunset beforehand.

Join us for a special limited-seat workshop where you will capture the sunset, and several different astrophotography images.
Astro shots include: 
•    The Milky Way rises with a blue hour foreground
•    Light painting to capture unique night composition under the Milky Way
•    Long-exposure light trails under the Milky Way
•    North Star-centered star trails
Five days later, we will host a special session to demonstrate how to edit your Milky Way images so they pop and light up your screen or print.

Topics covered:  
•    Long-exposure photography
•    Landscape composition
•    Night Photography
•    Lightroom and Photoshop editing tips for Milky Way images.

Required equipment includes a DSLR or mirrorless camera. A wide angle lens in the range from 14 to 24mm for the Milky Way shots and the range from 18-200mm for the sunset shots. A wide angle prime len, such as a 20 mm or 24mm, is ideal for astrophotography."
A sturdy tripod and remote cable or wireless trigger are essential.

Class limit 8-10

Instructor: Geoff Livingston

Geoff Livingston

Geoff Livingston is an award-winning photographer and author specializing in photojournalism and landscape photography. What he really likes is to take pictures every day and is happiest behind the lens.

It is by being mindful and present that great captures happen, says Geoff.

During his hiatus from teaching photography, Geoff was immersed in marketing initiatives for various companies. In 2023 he started his own marketing company, Generative Buzz to help businesses utilize the power of new AI technology. 

His photographic inspirations include Tony Corbell, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Frank McNally, and Lawrence Jackson.

Date: August 03 2024

Time: 7:30PM - 12:30AM





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