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10 Minutes A Day

September 2, 2020 by Lori Lankford

Are you just getting started with photography? 

Are you uninspired, in a rut, or lacking creativity?

Have you tried a 365 project in the past and failed? 

No matter where you are as a photographer spending just 10 minutes a day with your camera can help you grow, improve your skills, and add some great images to your portfolio. 

Here are my tips for daily shooting. 

  • Keep your camera accessible. Keeping your camera charged, with a lens on and somewhere handy allows you to grab it when you have some free time or need a mental break. 
  • When you physically see the camera you can grab it and take on a walk, run out to capture beautiful sunlight at the end of the day, or capture funny moments around the house.  
  • Taking 10 minutes to photograph each day builds skills. It will encourage you to start looking for light, reflections, color, and movement.  All these things help to create a great image. 
  • Don’t expect to get great photos each day. That is not the point of the exercise. 
  • Daily shooting is an exercise. You are working with your photography muscles. The skills of navigating your camera, creating a strong composition, exploring light, and expressing emotions. 
  • You don’t have to have a plan. Just start looking and exploring with your photography. Think less about the location, the subject, and more about what you see through your lens. 

Try it for a week and see what you think. With all new things it takes time but I know from my own experience your images will get stronger and stronger. Each failure will bring you closer to success.