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CPC Photo Community and Year Of Creative Photography Programs

November 11, 2021 by Marie Joabar

We’re very excited to share news about the new Capital Photography Center Photo Community and the Year of Creative Photography programs! 

The CPC Photo Community

The CPC Photo Community is an online space for photographers to connect, share images, expand their skills, and stay inspired. Each month the community will have a photo shooting theme. The themes will be designed for any type of photographer and all skill levels.

The program will offer a monthly zoom session to explore the topic, an online space to share images and, two live photo walks in the DC/MD/VA area.

All participants will have access to the online Community group, where you will receive the new themes each month, share your images, ask questions, get instructor support and gain feedback from the Community.

  • There will be a monthly live zoom session, led by instructor Lori Lankford, to review the theme and share images. Guest photographers/instructors will join for some sessions.
  • Two photo walks will be offered between January - June 2022. These will be held in the DC/MD/VA area.
  • An online student showcase will be held in June to showcase student images.

The first run of the CPC Photo Community will kickoff on January 1, 2022 and run through June 2022.
The live Zoom sessions will be the last Thursday of each month from 7:00-8:00 pm.

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The Year of Creative Photography

We are also offering The Year of Creative Photography course which is more structured, offers more content, more lessons and overall, just a deeper dive into the material than the CPC Photo Community.

Student's receive a new creative themed mini-course each month of the year. The content each month is just the right amount to focus on for 30 days, however you will have access to each month's materials for the entire year in case you miss a month or get busy.

The course includes instructor audio content, videos, downloadable tools, and monthly activities.

In this course you need to shoot what you love - flowers, nature, abstract, landscape, people, the creative concepts from the course can be applied to any genre.

  • Monthly Topics Include: Abstract, Color, Shadows, Visual Stories, Texture, Light/Bokeh, Composition, Water, Movement, Reflections and more.
  • Instructor Support: Each month a live zoom class and full video image review will be provided.
  • Online Private Community: The course will have an online learning space to share images, ask questions, and get instructor support.

The 2022 course begins in January 2022 and runs thru December 22.
The live zoom session will be held each month on the last Saturday at 9:00am. The sessions are recorded and shared.

We recently offered a Webinar discussing the program and sharing student’s work and testimonials, you can view that webinar here thru December. 

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In Summary

- Each program will have its own topics each month without overlap or redundancy.  
- The CPC Photo Community gives you enough info to get started on a monthly photography idea, plus a supportive community group. 
- The Year of Creative Photography course is a deep dive into a monthly topic with a true course format. The course includes presentation content, videos, and editing lessons. 

Students can enjoy one or even both of these programs! They are a great way to meet fellow photographers, enhance your photography skills and stay motivated and inspired throughout the year!