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Make Photography Plans for 2020

January 2, 2020 by Marie Joabar

Distinct time frames or “temporal landmarks” are great for starting new projects and making goals to work toward. As we begin a new year and decade, this is the perfect time to get our photography plans in place. Perhaps some of these tips will help you get started.  

Start With Your Gear

- Do you have the right gear? How about making a list of needed items as well as wish-list items.
- If you need new gear, helpful sites are, check out their camera and lens reviews, forums and more. Also, offers an interesting (and somewhat entertaining) source of information on gear.
  - Are there items in your bag that you no longer use? If so, consider donating or selling to a company that accepts used gear. A few are listed on our Resources tab.
 - Is your gear organized? Does it need to be cleaned?
 - How about your camera bag? Why not empty it, give it a good shake and then re-load it reorganizing as you do.

Technical Challenges

- Think of the settings on your camera that you struggle with and take steps to overcome them.
- Are there settings you’re unfamiliar with?  Time to pull out that camera manual or find help at one of our classes or Private Sessions.  

Capture Challenges

Review your photos from 2019. Look at your best images and identify what worked well and why you like them. Also notice areas or techniques you can improve on? List them and make a strategic plan to work on them throughout the year.  

Schedule Photography

Schedule outings to photograph and set dates to practice. List them on your calendar as a reminder and as a commitment.

Plan to Learn

- Schedule time to read or to take a class to learn a new skill or technique.
- Is this the year to join a Camera club? The support, encouragement and learning opportunities will help you grow your photography.
- Visit your camera manufacture’s website for product information and helpful tutorials from basic to advanced.

Photo Management

 - Get your photos organized.  The Adobe Lightroom (Classic) software is one of the best programs out there to help you get organized. However, there’s a bit of a learning curve so plan to spend some time with it.
 - Revisit your images from 2019 (or even further back) and make time to delete those you have no use for or should have deleted long ago. Do it sooner rather than later to avoid being overwhelmed when you’re faced with several years instead of just one.  
- Do you have a good backup system for your photos? It would be a shame to lose them so now is a good time to put a solid backup plan in place. More info in this blog article, Tips For Backing Up Your Photos. 

Get Your Favorites Printed

Whether you get some of your favorites printed to hang on your walls or make a book with them, it’s gratifying to see your images printed. Mpix, Shutterfly and Snapfish are just a few online sites that print digital files. BayPhoto and White House Custom Color are 2 high-end, quality print houses.  Local camera stores also print, find the list on our Resouces tab.

Get Inspired 

Visit local art exhibits and look at photos either online or in print. Find inspiration to get out to photograph.

Wishing you a happy and rewarding photographic year ahead! Make 2020 the year to grow your photography, improve your skills and get your images organized.