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Getting Started In Real Estate Photography

Getting Started In Real Estate Photography

Are you eager to excel in Real Estate Photography? Join our comprehensive class to learn the fundamentals and hone your skills in this dynamic field.

Expert photographer Tammy will guide you through a diverse range of real estate photography methods, including essential lighting techniques and HDR solutions (high dynamic range). Explore the art of composition theory and its application to capturing spaces, along with various approaches to handling lighting challenges within homes - from simple scenarios to more complex situations.

Key Topics Covered:

  • House Approach: Learn the best practices for approaching and photographing real estate properties.
  • Standard Shot List: Master the art of creating a comprehensive shot list to capture every crucial aspect of a property.
  • Interior Camera Angles: Discover the most effective camera angles for interior shots that showcase the space at its best.
  • Real Estate Composition Rules: Understand how composition rules play a vital role in presenting properties attractively.
  • Balancing Indoor Shots: Explore methods to balance interior shots with window lighting to achieve stunning results.
  • Exterior Lighting Conditions: Learn how to handle lighting conditions for exterior shots during daylight and twilight.
  • Color Accuracy and Color Casts: Ensure accurate color representation and eliminate unwanted color casts in your images.
  • Tips for Dynamic Photos: Unleash your creativity with valuable tips and tricks for capturing captivating real estate photographs.
  • Gear Recommendations: Discover the ideal gear, from basic equipment to advanced options, for achieving outstanding results.
  • Camera and Exposure Settings: Learn the essential camera and exposure settings for successful real estate photography.

Hands-On Practice: After the discussion segment, immerse yourself in a practical hands-on session. Capture stunning images of a beautifully styled home to apply the techniques you've learned.

Gain Valuable Insights: Tammy will share a wealth of valuable information and introduce you to the thriving Real Estate Photography community. Explore various pathways for further involvement and continued learning in this field.

Recommended Equipment: While any camera will suffice, we recommend a digital SLR camera or a mirrorless camera with manual exposure controls and a wide-angle lens (10-20mm for digital DX SLRs, 12-24mm for full frame/FX SLRs). Enhance your gear with a circular polarizer filter, an external flash unit (if available), and a sturdy tripod with an adjustable head.

Prerequisites: It's recommended to have basic knowledge of exposure principles and the ability to adjust exposure settings on your camera. If you need to brush up on these skills, consider taking our Photo Basics - Getting Off Auto class before joining this course.

Don't miss this opportunity to master the art of Real Estate Photography. Enroll now and take your skills to the next level!

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Class Limit:  8-10

What People Are Saying About Tammy

"The instructor was great!!!!! She answered every question, walked us through steps on what to know, and explained a lot of information."

"Although technical aspects were covered, I liked that the focus was on composition so we could concentrate on providing the best image."

Instructor: Tammy Loverdos

Tammy Loverdos

Tammy is a professional photographer in the Washington DC area specializing in interiors and Real Estate. Her work is regularly featured in the Washington Post, Visit Alexandria, Virginia Living Magazine, DC Urban Turf and more. 

Tammy has over 20 years of work experience in marketing, communications and design. Her roles ranged from marketing and design for the banks at Fleet Street to communications and design for USAID.

She has lived and worked in 4 continents and now lives in Alexandria with her husband and daughter.    

She is passionate about sharing her photography skills and knowledge with others. Visit Tammy's work on her website,

Date: October 05 2024

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM




Clifton VA 20124

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