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A Year of CPC Photography 2024!

A Year of CPC Photography 2024!


Join us for the YEAR! Stay immersed in photography throughout the year with monthly themed topics, 12 exciting presentations by various CPC instructors, 4 in-person meetups, and taking part in the Community group.

Each month will offer a new topic which will be introduced with an image rich presentation covering tips, techniques, ideas, and inspiration for capturing the themed topic. As with the 2023 Year program, the 2024 program offers students the opportunity to learn from many different instructors.  

All skill levels are welcome from the novice to the advanced. It will be interesting to see how each student thinks about the topic and chooses to capture it. The beauty of the program is seeing each person's interpretations of the month's topic.

Throughout the year, students can upload images to the “Community” section and can enjoy commenting on each other’s work as well as sharing their own photos and getting feedback and support from their peers.  

At the end of each month, students will meet with that month's instructor via Zoom for an image review of their favorite image from that month’s topic. 

Topics can include:

  • Self-Assessment and Setting Goals For The Year
  • Indoor Photo Ops to Stay Inspired. Who says you have to leave home to capture amazing images.
  • Capturing Water in Landscapes
  • Creative Abstracts
  • Tips For Family and Children Photography
  • Capturing Americana – Nostalgia, still life, food, and products that evoke Americana and a small-town feel.
  • Shooting Exciting Fireworks – Settings, techniques, location ideas, and editing tips
  • Seeing Lines, Patterns and Shapes
  • Quality and Direction of Natural Light
  • Editing Tips with Lightroom
  • The Right Lens For The Job - The options for storytelling options based on different focal lengths.
  • Fun With Smartphone Apps
  • Seeing Stronger Images and Conveying the Wow
  • Moonscapes 

In addition to the monthly presentations and image reviews, we will have 4 in-person meetups throughout the year so we can come together as a group and explore exciting areas and photographic techniques.

Zoom sessions will be held on the second Wednesday of each month from 7-8:00pm. Image review will follow from approximately 8-8:30/8:45.

Registration is open! 

What People are Saying About The 2023 Year of CPC Photography Program

"I loved the CPC 2023 Year Program!  It's a unique format that combines group instruction with individual feedback.  It covered a wide range of topics presented by excellent instructors. In short, it's a fun course at a great price!" Mark M. 

"If you’d like to raise your game as a photographer a couple of notches, sign up for A Year in CPC Photography! The monthly online courses and critiques and quarterly photo shoots are a great way to expand your horizons. I’m primarily a  travel and wildlife photographer but I found it stimulating and skill-building to plunge into such other related genres as macro, portrait, black & white, street photography and so forth. I also greatly improved my post-processing skills. I can’t recommend A Year in Photography highly enough. You won’t be disappointed." Gene G.

"Love the year in Photography course!  It keeps me on my toes and gives me the push I need.  Very professional and always interesting."
Laurie H.

"What I like most about the Year program is that it keeps me using my camera every month. Plus I love the presentations by the different instructors!" 
Susan W. 

"... It motivates me to get out and see things I might not have thought of photographing."
Terry D.

"Each month I find a different topic to inspire me. Thanks for offering this!" 
Robert M.


Instructor: A Variety of CPC Instructors

A Variety of CPC Instructors

Enjoy the Year of CPC Photography with a variety of CPC instructors; Marie Joabar, Michael Koren, Aaron Clamage, Kim Kelly, Laura Hatcher, Beth Haubach, Judy Graham, and others.

Date: December 01 2023

Time: Starting Jan 2024, Multiple dates - In-Person and On Zoom



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