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Webinar Recordings

Webinar Recordings

Purchase any of our past Webinar recordings. Each webinar is 1 hour long on various topics. Click on the title to go to the registration page to purchase. 

Instructor Emily Carter Mitchell - Backyard Bird Photography
- Learn what it takes to create a bird photography studio in your own back yard.
- Emily discusses recommended equipment, camera and exposure settings, field behavior, how to create feeding stations with photography in mind, creating compelling images and so much more.
- Whether photographing birds in your backyard garden or in the wild, this webinar has something for everyone!

Instructor Lori Lankford - Photographing Spring In The Garden  
- Lori shares how to make beautiful spring flowers come to life in your camera! 
- Explore creative compositions, maximize depth of field, creative techniques, and tell a garden story.
- She also shares her favorite local spots for spring color and offer a peek into editing with Topaz for truly impressionistic images. 

Instructor Lori Lankford - Winter in Place! Creative Photography Ideas
- Lori explores various creative photography ideas to keep you shooting from winter into spring.
- She also offers guidance on how to avoid a photography rut in the winter by getting creative with at home projects.
- She will share many examples and techniques

Instructor Michael Koren - Exploring Street Photography
- Learn pro level tips and techniques for street photography as well as ethics and privacy issues associated with it.
- Michael offers guidance on how you can create compelling street photographs that go beyond the ordinary snapshot and demonstrate your personal vision.
- Topics include: Proper techniques and settings for street photography, Pro tips and techniques for capturing compelling images, How to create captivating images using anticipation, patience, composition and visualization, Privacy and ethics concerning street photography

Instructor Marie Joabar  - The Joy of Using Lightroom Classic
- Marie demonstrates her favorite ways to use Lightroom Classic.
- Following a systematic workflow, she will cover the steps she uses from Import to Export and everything in between. 
- Whether you’re just starting out with the program or want a refresher, this webinar will shed some light on just how powerful the Lightroom Classic is.  

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Date: July 01 2022

Time: 1 hour



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